How Many Blogs Should You Run?

Some ask the question: “I feel like I want to write on many subjects. How many blogs can I run?”

It’s a very good question indeed. You may feel like writing on very different subjects. In one way you could run a personal blog which you could subsequently expand as you see fit. You might expand on your current niche… But many feel like having a specific blog can bring them TARGETTED traffic, which is certainly true.

So why not run 10 different blogs?
If you ran 10 blogs, you should ideally be writing at least 2.000 articles per year. That’s some pretty heavy blogging…

Personally, I run 9 blogs in Danish and 5 in English. They don’t have daily articles… Here’s why…
One blog “Ugens Vitser // Weekly Jokes” contains 267 jokes accumulated since 2007. I started near the end of 2007 and included more than 200 jokes during 2008. Now it’s a project where I add some of the best on a regular basis. I don’t have jokes every day but I do have a fifth spot on Google when you search for “vitser” (jokes in Danish). It was a test – and now it’s just a small hobby to keep my online overview of excellent jokes up to date.

In hindsight I could have taken that blog MUCH further. That is what I’m doing now that I’ve seen that optimizing WORKS:

So what’s my message? IF you enjoy writing blog articles, go ahead. Diversify in your niches. But be sure you never end up exhausted for blog posts.

I have experienced this. I began writing about financial responsibility on a Danish blog “Genfind kontrollen over dine penge” where I brought people some very useful information on financial administration in clear language that could have saved people LOTS of money, heartache and trouble. What did people do? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.
When I began writing “Become Financially Free Again” I began to see a lot more readers. But there’s still ONE thing missing… Can you guess what that is?

Comments. People are TOO SHY to leave a comment on a blog about becoming financially free. They don’t have any problems — or, at least, they don’t want to admit there might be any. So a blog that could become a tremendous success will have to be one-way communication with all the problems involved in NOT being able to perform just as well as it could in search engines, simply because people won’t write.

So my best advice is to focus on blog subjects that INTEREST you, and to create good content before you begin announcing it, and then you should remain FOCUSED on bringing good content to readers. Continue having fun and remember the principle: “Never write if you aren’t up for it. Wait until you feel inspired to bring more good content to your readers.

Have fun bloggin’…. 🙂

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