E-books In Print

Some people have asked whether they could get e-books in print. Actually, it IS possible. Print-on-demand services such as Lulu can deliver single copies as you sell your e-books. [You could even print e-books you buy by uploading the PDF and requesting a personal copy to “test” whether the print is fine. Such can be done at a very fair price, and is highly useful when you have a 300 page e-book which you might not want to read on screen.]

However, for e-books you could also choose to print two pages per sheet. Many books can easily be read in that format, and you cut your printing needs down to half the amount of paper. A very healthy option to save a bit on our environmental resources.

Why is it that most marketers only deal with PDF-versions and not printed versions? Well, sales for one is VERY limited when it comes to printed books. Most people prefer to get their content in minutes rather than days (or even weeks when shipping across continents). It is very understandable. When you buy a book down at your local bookstore you also dive into the book right away. We are all very alike in that way, and that is one of the main reasons why e-books are rarely in print.

But with Lulu you COULD release your own book in printed format also. 🙂

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