Deeds vs. Intentions

Many have good intentions. They want to achieve everything, and all their intentions have one flaw. Have you guessed the flaw? They don’t end up in deeds. They are never realized. Everything is potential, possibility and opportunity. But an opportunity missed may NEVER return. When intentions don’t result in deeds, it’s pointless.

“The smallest good deed is better than the grandest good intention”
Jacques-Joseph Duguet

The point is that if you want to succeed in the business of online income you MUST take action. You MUST bring your ideas to fruition if you want to reap fruits from whatever information is sown.

A practical example:

If a farmer never planted any seed would he ever be able to reap anything? Nothing!
If he planted but never weeded out any bugs or other unwanted elements, what would be the result? Nothing!
Why is it logical when we talk about physical planting/sowing and reaping, yet so difficult to understand when we tell you that your blogs and website need the same care and attention?

If only you would listen! 🙂

I have heard people lament (without putting in either their name or a real e-mail address) in comments on this and other blogs about online income being bogus or a link being just set up to get people to click and that a clickbank portal would not work.
How could such people know? They never put in the initial effort, yet have ideas set in concrete about what works and what doesn’t…. To what avail? Nothing.

Realize this: if you want to succeed, suck in all the information you can, and take action every time you’re inspired by an e-book, some software, a script or whatever else you run into. Don’t let it sit on your harddrive, but take action upon whatever is introduced to you. In that way you will steadily be BUILDING your online content, establishing online credibility and ultimately REAPING all the benefits of your careful scrutiny and having put things into action. THAT is why the smallest of deeds is FAR BETTER than any good intentions.

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