Don’t Put All Eggs Into One Basket

It is very important to change your focus in this time of crisis. When one element drops a bit you can earn back what has been lost from other income types. You should look at the overall income to get a proper perspective on your earnings. Even income resulting from indirect sources. Your online presence could cause you to get more orders for webdesign, writing or translation assignments or other forms of related income.

Think about this:

  • How was you year 2008? Was it a year of growth or a year of decline?
  • What were your strong points?
  • What were your weaker ponts?

Furthermore, what will you DO as a result of your findings? Will you improve your income by adjusting to what is right before you, or will you just hope this crisis passes?
Let’s look at a practical example – Adsense income.

Google Adsense – Keywords Pay Differently
There are still many niches that will offer you high-paying keywords, but something HAS happened in the niche of Adsense income. People have become so accustomed to Adsense ads that they have become somewhat blind to Adsense ads. Sites that ran a CTR of 8-12% a year ago are down to 3-6% on average, and that should PROMPT you to take action.

Personally, I had this experience (overall) with Adsense income:

You might have similar experiences — or perhaps you had a different experience, and you are welcome to add a comment about what you have seen with your use of Adsense.

For me, changing some ads over to affiliate marketing ads and banners from third parties has done the trick. Income GREW when looking over-all at all income sources, but if I hadn’t kept track of the movement in income sources I could have lost quite a bit of money.

So my question of the day is: what is your impression of the crisis, and what are you doing to change from a downward to an upward perspective.

Seize the day. 🙂

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