What Do You Prefer – Honesty or Lies?

An interesting question: “what do you prefer – honesty or lies?” Why would I ask that question. Truth and honesty would be the automatic reply from many. But DO YOU WANT the truth?

I just saw a Tweet from Joel Comm where he said:

[Update 26/3/2016: The screendump disappeared when Screensend went bust]

Why would people HATE someone, or VERBALLY ATTACK somebody for voicing their opinion? Don’t you read blogs to get people’s OPINION about things? Would we have to be agreed on every subject to be able to be online friends?

If you’re the kind of person who only accepts people with whom you fully agree you’re greatly LIMITING your potential. You SHOULD expand your horizons to include people who bring constructive and creative ideas you might not have thought of yourself to gain full value for the time you invest in all of this social media thing.

Back to the pyramid scheme. Why would you only want to generate “automatic” followers? And why would you EVER give out your user name and password to a new service?

People are not nearly as careful about their user names and passwords as they SHOULD be. You must be careful with this. When new sites pop up far too many give out personal information and afterwards they wonder why they are compromised. No surprise! 🙂

Please understand. I’m not saying every single site that asks for a password is going to scam you, but you MUST be more careful about your online identity. It should supplement who you are in the sense of you still being in the driver’s seat. Don’t let the number of followers or friends fool you. Noone can read tweets from 2 or even 3000 people. In fact your front page on Twitter only shows the last 20 tweets. I don’t think you will find many that go beyond page 2. So a high number of followers is NO SIGN of being an active Twitter user – perhaps even the contrary…

So if you’re only looking for people who AGREE with you you’re in for a great number of surprises. Why not expand your horizon and allow for others to state their convictions with the same zeal and enthusiasm as you like to express yourself with?

Seize the day. Carpe diem. 🙂

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