What You MUST Know

There are some things you MUST know about internet marketing to get the RIGHT results. What are these things? What do YOU need to succeed?

Listen. Please pay attention ’cause this article WILL be well worth reading. We won’t just cover PageRanks, SEO, keywords and virality, but will look at the single ingredient that can CHANGE your entire blogging experience. Let’s begin so we can move ahead to all the fun parts.

You could spend hours reading and searching for definitions of the algorithms involved in Pageranks, but what do you need to KNOW? What is the deep-down solid type of information you need? Well, for one thing you should read the WikiPedia article on the subject of PageRanks.

But will a high pagerank be important for your performance on a search on Google? Important, maybe, but NOT essential. More than links you also have an ingredient called “keyword density” and relevance. Both are important because you can easily hit a top-10 spot in a Google search for a specific keyword with a Pagerank of 0 or 1.

On April Fool’s Day in 2002 someone actually kidded the whole principle by writting about “PigeonRank” – the article is fun to read though some didn’t like this type of humour. Judge for yourself by looking at http://www.google.com/technology/pigeonrank.html.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
WikiPedia also has an article on SEO. You might want to read it.

But more than reading this you will now be given a very important lesson in GOOD search engine optimization that involves NO black-hat strategies whatsoever, yet yields darn good results when you listen. Good SEO can be defined as:

  • Pages that validate – use HTML validator at w3.org to check and test always
  • Pages that have unique titles. Don’t use the NewPage1.html as name and title for your next page
  • Pages with images where links have alt-tags. Don’t overlook the fact that search engines can’t see images, but CAN read text.
  • Pages that are table-FREE, based on external CSS. Much can be said about designing your websites, but having a good understanding of CSS can never be under-estimated. Content belongs in your HTML whereas design belongs in an external stylesheet.
  • Pages that are REGULARLY updated.

If people would begin implementing these 5 elements they would see skyrocketing in their performance on seach engines. Many prejudices (such as external linking being bad) are based upon ignorance. When you link to other RELEVANT sites, you can score well, but if you create a “link farm” you do things the wrong way. The right balance is instrumental in creating good pages that score well.

Key words deal with relevance. When you write a specific article stay FOCUSED. It results in better keyword density and also avoid becoming a confusing article. Remember that you may write well, but if noone reads what you have to say nothing happens. Much in the same way, you must remember your audience to create relevant articles others will link to. That gives you interesting backlinks and helps you score even better.

People discuss virality from many perspectives. Many e-books are called “viral e-books” but when you read them, they may be BORING beyond belief. What happens is some people distribute without reading first. That causes some to receive the same 5-10 spam-mails about the same new report EVERYONE must read.

Don’t fall for that.

If your material is good it will BECOME viral by itself. People WILL share it when they see the good quality. Don’t ever spam people with materials they don’t need. At worst you may harm your online credibility. So if anything should be declared “viral” let others declare it because they like it…

What Is The Single Ingredient That Can CHANGE Your Entire Blogging Experience
Have fun in what you do. You can have all the knowledge in the world, perform as well as you do in search engines, and do everything the right way, but if you aren’t enjoying what you do it’s pointless.

Therefore, remember to do what you like so you can have fun doing it. That’s why I love sharing information with you readers. It brings you QUALITY you can use in your own business and helps the overall performance of the entire industry.

Seize the day. 🙂

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