Making Money Online — Changing Your Mindset

Making money online requires that you change your mindset. If you get discouraged by minor setbacks you run a high risk of becoming disillusioned. But if you look at blogging, affiliate marketing, Adsense finetuning as a long-term activity you will get much better results.

When you’re in this business for the long-term effects you realize that every word you put into your blog and every minute you spend testing is an INVESTMENT in your future. I have personally seen many sales articles perform very well after weeks. Initially nothing happened, but when the long-term traffic came through search engines and other forms of searches on-site, it all ended up earning rather well.

How Should You Work?
What you should do is to FOCUS your attention towards your audience. Focus on what they need and cater to those needs. When your audience needs information about blogging you can create e-books, reports, articles and even podcasts or videocasts on the subject.

Make sure you think creatively. I have just created a Facebook group called “Making Money Online” for that exact purpose. I wish to share on all levels with all of you. That may require working with the audience on more levels than before. Previously we could rely on lists or RSS-feeds, but nowadays people spend more time on social networks. Consequently, we have also had to move over to such networks to help all of you bring in good results.

Stay tuned as more will be brought to you on the subject of making money online. Feel free to make comments so we can all share with one another. Seize the day. 🙂

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