Three types of Twitter Users

I feel there are three general types of Twitter users. I know there is some generalizing in dividing people into groups, but I think you will agree after reading this article. I feel the majority would belong into one of these three types of Twitter users — call them groups if you wish:

  1. People who Tweet too much
  2. People who Tweet too little
  3. People who Tweet just right

People who Tweet Too Much
You know the kind of Twitter user who just annoys you. You know this person writes a lot of good stuff, but you also get somewhat annoyed from time to time by somewhat pointless updates. “Into the shower”, “Out of the shower”, “went for a walk” etc is overdoing it a bit.

What is the problem in all of this? Well, for one thing the person runs a very high risk that people will either “unfollow” or simply just hit the Delete-button in their RSS-readers. Furthermore, this person is overplaying his or her role in your life. Quite logically, you follow a person to get interesting information about what they’re doing. Being social has limits. Bathroom activities would be somewhat outside the scope of what you would normally share.

So being social on social networks has to do with being a kind person. A person who shares and reaches out to his or her audience. When you provide quality people will listen. The better the quality you provide, the more grateful your followers will be.

People who Tweet Too Little
The opposite can be said of people who never update their Twitter profiles. They lose a lot of interest from their followers because nothing happens. It’s perfectly fair not to have all that much to say, but you should remember why you joined the forums you did.

If you’re not using a specific profile it may be more useful to simply delete your user account. Having an outdated profile sends a wrong image of yourself and will most definitely deduct from your online credibility and ultimately cause you to fail in your online presence.

People who Tweet Just Right
This is the ideal. Tweeting when there’s something valuable to tell, and also relying upon the viral abilities of your quality content to attract your audience.

Tweeting at just the right level shows respect for your audience and allows you the ability to interact well with the people who follow your Twitter profile. You might also find it useful to add your Tweets to your Facebook profile. You never know how many of your friends could actually benefit from your blogging or products you have found. When you have had a nice experience sharing it with others shows concern and good social behavior.

If You’ve Made Mistakes Before…. What To Do?
If you find that you have been in the wrong group of users, you shouldn’t become disillusioned. It’s much better to change your behavior. Either by adding Tweets, or by slowing a bit down. Your audience will love you for being honest with the way you interact with them, and with the right type of adjustments you can all be Twitter users in the third group — the people who do it just right.

Carpe diem. 🙂

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