Stop Living From PayCheck to PayCheck

It’s obvious for all internet marketers that people are sometimes, to say the least, dead broke when you release an offer on the 20th of a month. You get a few sales, but the actual avalanche is seen when you release something around the first of a month or right in the middle of a month for those with bi-monthly salaries.

Stop the trend. Realize one thing most overlooked among internet marketers. Gurus such as Joel Comm is laughing is behind off when people don’t listen to his advice on either Kontera or Google Adsense. You are leaving hundreds of dollars right on the table when you overlook this one piece of advice.

Adsense Pays All Through The Month

It’s so logical – yet so darn much overlooked – but Google Adsense will pay you all during the month. Regardless of whether private people have money to buy your products, you can still earn tons of cash when you optimize your ads the right way.

What IS that “right way”? Well, you will know if you have read Adsense Secrets V. 4.0. If you haven’t read it, you may have saved the $9.95 it costs to buy it, but you are loosing far more every single week as people move on from your blogs and websites to other places where people may indeed have employed the good advice they learned from reading the book.

I do care about whether you implement this as it COULD turn YOUR business around, but I’m no nanny, so if you prefer doing things your way, you’re free to do so. 🙂

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