Just Over 4 Months Left…

You have been reminded several times during the year about milestones in your earning money online endeavour. I have focused your attention towards defining your segment very precisely and putting time and energy into seeing what is on your harddrive and making USE of it, instead of just letting all the ideas remain ideas – waiting to be realized.

You are probably like many others. Waiting to see what others are doing before you try your own projects, and therefore you are bound to loose. Like you may have done last year, may do this year, and probably will in the years ahead also.

What MUST Change?

You MUST change your mindset. You MUST become more inquisitive, testing, active and useful to both your own blog readers and those on your list and anyone else involved in any of your activities. You CAN win when you begin focusing on DOING something about the knowledge you have been given, but you MUST take action.

So, instead of waiting to see money fall from the sky you should begin reading the archives of this blog, download all the free stuff I have linked to, and take action upon what has been given to you. You CAN succeed if you will change your mindset.

Will you be a winner in the months and years ahead? Feel free to comment… 🙂

Carpe diem.

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