Get Ready for Major Boost

Now is the time to finalize the campaigns you will be running for the rest of the year 2008. Think of how much material you actually HAVE already on your hard drive. Get it all into order, and begin implementing what you have already learned.

I was reminded today about the fact that PLR, when rewritten, becomes useful products and I wanted indeed to pass this on because I was doing exactly the same. Traditionally, in Denmark, we do a spring and a fall cleanup where everything is reviewed. What has been resting in your cupboards and little treasure troves around your house SHOULD be thrown out. Period.

Order Will Put You Ahead of Competitors

It is very much overlooked in our busy business schedules but the fact remains that good order WILL put you ahead of your competitors. Start looking at what is USEFUL and what is USELESS. Delete all the useless. If you find something you are in doubt about create a folder on your desktop – call it POTENTIAL. Go through the Potential folder whenever in doubt about whether it’s worth keeping, and be hard on yourself and your material.

If you are in the least in doubt about the quality of the product in front of you, throw it out. That way you can truly focus on what IS worthwhile and you will find much more time to do what you are REALLY good at doing. Start earning money online by intensifying your eye for quality and start removing the clutter from your life that hinders you from earning money online.

The question is: are you scared of success since you don’t take action? Feel free to comment. Looking forward to you achieving success this year, next year etc. 🙂

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