The Defining Moment In Your History

Moving many of you into action is like trying to push a great truck. Virtually impossible for the majority, yet darn encouraging when the FEW who did take action move on to increasing success-rates in consecutive years.

What Changes?

The one thing that changes the course in people’s personal and business histories is when they discover that taking action DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. When you see that little seed you planted turn into a garden of success ready to be nurtured and cared for, things do take on a whole new meaning. Until you try the recipe making money online seems impossible — a thing for the few.

Nothing could be more wrong! Earning an income online IS possible and it IS feasible to become your own boss. How you do this best depends on what moves you the most. Some are best at writing sales letters (and subsequently work best with perhaps affiliate marketing) whereas others are better at writing articles (and would probably work out creative solutions involving Google Adsense ads).

Another overlooked element is that your hobby can often become your line of business. Some fishermen have discovered that no books were available on their specific fish, yet they know vast amounts about breeding practices, how and when they move around, where they live etc. When you want them in your net or on the line, you need to know such things. Why fish for an animal that moved two weeks before you try to catch it?

The above details are all part of building your business. Feel free to ask your questions in the Comments section. Who knows? Perhaps your question inspires to give a reply designed as an article in itself…. Carpe diem. 🙂

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