Social Networks

Many of us are members of far more networks than many of us can even remember. If you are anything like myself you get regularly reminded about networks you became a member of when they send out updates as to what has happened.

Some of the most regularly used by myself include:

  • YouTube
  • Twitter


The home movie center, publishing center, ad center, videocast network and whatever else is done here. Anything that involves picture AND sound can in some form be uploaded to YouTube and could be spread on your own blogs, websites etc with a fine player clearly visible just under a preview of the first frame.
You can see my profile right here:


Do you twitter? A truly amazing network with VERY short messages. Very similar to cell phone chats with various possibilities to interact with Facebook and a little desktop utility that allows you to update your Twitter profile without having to login to your profile page first.
Read more about the network by visiting my profile at

In the comments section you are welcome to mention any other networks you might find pertinent to online income generation or social networks in general.

Thanks beforehand for participating. 🙂

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