Get To Know Joel Comm

Why not get to know the guy behind the Adsense Secrets 4.0 version e-book I have described here:

Joel has released his story on YouTube, and I wanted to share the first five episodes with you, and encourage you to click the little “Subscribe” button so you can also follow his further episodes in the series.

For now, the first five episodes deal with:

  1. How Joel Comm Got Started Online
  2. The Struggle of Being Nearly Broke
  3. Joel’s First Million Dollar Deal
  4. When The Online Bubble Went “Pop”
  5. When The Bottom Falls Out – Never Give Up!

How Joel Comm Got Started Online

Many have asked Joel how he got started online. He has decided to tell the highlights of his story in video form. Welcome to Part I of “A Dot Comm Story” in which Joel Comm explains how he entered the world of the web.

The Struggle of Being Nearly Broke

In Part 2 of “A Dot Comm Story”, Joel reveals his early struggles with building an online business. Six months or so into the business, they were just about broke. And then, something happened… Watch now to see!

Joel’s First Million Dollar Deal

Never underestimate the power of the joint venture. In part three of this story, Joel talks about his first million dollar deal.

When The Online Bubble Went “Pop”

The money was flowing freely in the early days of the web. And then it happened. The bubble went “Pop!”

When The Bottom Falls out – Never Give Up!

What would you have done when the bottom falls out? You can either give up or try again. It all depends on what you believe about yourself and your business. What did Joel Comm do? Filmed on the beaches of Hawaii!

I am quite sure you want to do two things by now:

  1. Subscribe to Joel’s YouTube channel to see further episodes, and…
  2. Buy the e-book Adsense Secrets 4.0 so you can begin a similar journey online

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