The Meaning of Earning Money Online

A fundamental flaw in many people’s minds is the fact that we are dealing with “earning” money. Earning isn’t just getting, it isn’t just “money without any investment” in the form of either time or knowledge, and there are a lot of other things which EARNING doesn’t mean.

In connection with earning an effort is made. That’s why it’s called “earning” money online.

Why Emphasize This?

The reason for emphasizing this is that some have been rather egotistical in this area. They have presented the industry as though it was just a magic formula that would ALWAYS bring about success, money, fame and an overflow of benefits.

In some ways there are systems that DO work. There are formulas that WILL bring success, but not without requiring an effort, creativity and a willingness to implement what is being taught.

An Example of What Not To Do

Some people, in times past, have acquired certain article packages which they could have used for inspiration for other articles – provided they changed some of the language to make it just a little bit unique.

What happened? These same people, who HAD been given instructions about what to do and how much should be changed, copied everything and scored far less than they could have done in the trading system provided. Was this an error on the part of the person selling? In no way! Au contraire! The error comes when one doesn’t follow instructions.

If you want advice, it is important to LISTEN and LEARN. Once you have taken the baby steps you can begin changing procedures, but if you turn things around you are bound to make serious errors.

This is why you are given inspiration from this blog. It should help you become more interested in procedures that do work, but you will need to make an effort if you want to make it in the online income industry. Nothing can come of itself. A system needs to be put into work, and that system can have many faces.

Carpe diem. 🙂

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