Monetizing Has Become A Science

Getting the most out of your blogging experience using WordPress has initiated a need to look at ad earnings from a new perspective. Previously there were only very few “players” on the scene, but today there are about a dozen to choose from.

This has pressured prices somewhat and some website owners have reported a decrease in their earnings despite an increase in traffic. There can be some pretty good explanations for that, one of which is poor targetting of your ads in either blend or contrast. Also, there are sites that will perform way better using video ads compared with text ads.

When you blog it should be in subjects you enjoy to write about. The better your articles the more people will come back for more information. Likewise, occasional offers of free materials can strengthen visitor returns quite considerably.

Getting the right balance with ads, widgets etc is also something you need to take into consideration. More on that in future blog articles. 🙂

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