The One Thing You Can’t Afford…

You should read this. Understanding this short information today can be very important in the face of win or loose in your online marketing campaigns. You will read about the one thing you simply cannot afford. Being forewarned is being forearmed and prepared.

You Have Everything on Autopilot

We are not talking about loosing your list or not having things on autopilot. Both things may very well be in perfect order, and so is your autoresponder and payment processing system. I have made you curious, haven’t I?

Some of you will have guessed it…. But a large majority haven’t…

You Cannot Afford Downtime

Downtime (when your website is down) is the one single thing you simply can’t afford. Everything is down when your site is down. E-mails don’t reach you, blogs are out of order, website visits get 404 – all over a very bad sign.

What To Do

Actually, I will begin by telling you what NOT TO DO. Don’t rely in statistics from the webhost’s own site. Many promise 99,9% uptime, and once you have become a customer [for a full year at a time] they will start disappointing you.

You will loose hundreds of dollars from just one or two hours downtime. Our planet never sleeps and if you have an international site you never know which timezone people want to visit your page from. You know when they have visited – past tense. But chances are that moves around quite a bit as your statistical weblogs will no doubt prove.

But the best thing to do is to make sure the support department handles your questions in that regard respectfully. If they don’t like talking about the subject they have corpses lying around, and you better find the next webhost you have been recommended.

So, having the right webhost ensures you get top notch service, that your websites are always online and that your webshop never sleeps. Worth remembering….

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