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How to BE An Effective Twitter…

I just sent this little poetic sentence on my English Twitter profile: Why do some people Tweet so bad? It seems so sad when all they had was a repetitive ad

Twitter IS Great Fun…

Twitter is great fun, as many of you will have discovered by now. Regular updates tell us quite a bit about what online friends are doing all over the globe. Initially I couldn’t really see the idea behind all of this Twittering, but now – after having tried it for a few months – I […]

Free Twitter Report

Twitter is one of the fast growing “micro-blogging” services and social networking all wrapped into one. After some bumpy roads and strong growing pains, people have begun to realize that Twitter allows hyper-connectedness and an interesting way to express “what you’re doing” at any given time. It seems to be on the fast track now […]

Social Networks

Many of us are members of far more networks than many of us can even remember. If you are anything like myself you get regularly reminded about networks you became a member of when they send out updates as to what has happened.