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Henrik V Blunck

Skepticism – Overcoming the Virus

The one type of virus that can destroy any business is skepticism. Skepticism is the easiest path when you see something that causes doubts. Oftentimes, internet marketers are guilty because they have inflated their sales, and thus their credibility suffered – causing skeptics to become even more doubtful about the online income business.

The Most Difficult Comment You Can Write

The most difficult comment you can write on a blog may be received with somewhat mixed feelings. One famous blogger only allowed positive comments on his blog. He ended up appearing as though he only liked yes-men around him. I explained what I write in this blog article to him, and today he has changed […]

Video Editing – Free Tools Can Help You Create Professional Videos

Today I want to present you with free downloads you can use for video editing. These free tools can help you create professional videos, and can help you boost your business in 2011.

Experience Makes You Rich

Experience makes you rich in more ways than just monetarily. Experience is the ingredient that enables you to separate truth from error – and this blog is dedicated to telling you the difference in many aspects.

Earning Money Online – Easier Than Most Presume

Earning money online is easier than most people presume. When you talk about being independent most people think of opening your own shop down in the local street of your city or village. When you talk about earning money online many roll their eyes in disbelief.

Google Adsense – Final Follow-Up

I have written numerous articles about Google Adsense. Here is a list of the major articles you will want to read, followed up by a final say on the subject of Google Adsense.

Follow Your Plan

Follow your plan is key advice for bloggers, and if you haven’t got any plan, start building a plan for what you’re doing. Let me explain why I write this. I have just seen a blogger who at first took a break from blogging. He was supported by his readership, took a break, and suddenly […]

Build Success By Learning From Failures

You can build success by learning from failures. When you do realize what went wrong with projects that didn’t quite succeed, you can greatly increase the chances of success next time you get involved in a project.

Plugin Quality – Maintaining High Standards of WordPress

It is very annoying indeed to see the falling quality of some WordPress plugins. One example is the Broken Link Checker that doesn’t always work all that well with updated versions of WordPress. In fact, it works so poorly that it causes an overflow somewhere in the entire system causing the entire blog to be […]

Did You Write An Article Yesterday?

Were you motivated by the article “Self-Discipline – Build Your Future Now” that I released yesterday to write an article? Did you check the results?