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Five Months Left of 2014

As we start the month of August, there are now only five months left of the year 2014. Have you taken my last article to heart? Did you start pushing yourself ahead? Did you achieve some good results, or did you begin looking at banner ads from a new perspective now that I brought bringing […]

Do You Push Yourself Ahead?

Sometimes, in fact for some very often, we forget to push ourselves ahead. We are so good at motivating and inspiring others, and yet we forget ourselves. It’s a rather strange tendency. We are so good at serving ourselves a treat and when there is something in it for ourselves.

Using Modern Techniques to Build an Online Business

Creating a website often is not enough to get an online business started. The owner must attract plenty of visitors and make sure that people who visit the site buy something or engage with the business so that the owner can make a profit. Even as business owners have the savvy to order inventory or […]

BlueHatMarketing – SEO services that work for you

Why is SEO Important to All Companies? SEO services can be a wonderful tool for companies of all sizes to use. Understanding how SEO works and why it is important for any company can enable a business to increase its market reach, find new customers both locally, nationally and globally while also helping to make […]

Upgrading Your Blogging Software

Upgrading your blogging software is a very important part of administering a blog. You get new features with every update, and security issues are also corrected with every new release. Usually, you will find that updating is done easily and directly from the control panel of your blogging software.

5 Top Traffic Generation Tips You Can Use Today

5 Top Traffic Generation Tips You Can Use Today By Henrik V Blunck When you have built a website you obviously want readers to read what you share on your website. Traffic generation is easy once you know the right tools. Here are the 5 top traffic generation tips you can use right now to […]

Cleaning Up On the Internet

This blog now contains 403 articles with 210 comments, and already Akismet has protected me from over 38,200 spam comments. This brings me to the purpose of this article, and that is cleaning up on the internet. You and I have a common interest in cleaning up the internet from spammers. People who send out […]

Get Inspiration From Other Blogs

I once heard from a good friend of mine, that she admitted that other blogs weren’t of interest to her. I was amazed. I thought everyone could gain inspiration from reading what others had to say.

Financial Trends: Investing in Diamonds

Historically, it has been a trend to place money in gold or silver. That is actually one of the reasons the gold bar was invented, weighing 12,4 kg, but they also created the kilobar for investment purposes whereas the larger bar was for national banks. You can learn more about gold bars on Wikipedia. Similarly, […]

Offending Audiences – Don’t If You’re Not Either Madonna or Pussy Riot :-)

Madonna is famous – some would say infamous – for provoking her audience. In a similar way the female group Pussy Riot provoked russians during recent Russian elections in their effort to demonstrate they didn’t want Putin back as President when they began dancing in a Russian Orthodox Church. Madona increased her audience by offending […]