5 Top Traffic Generation Tips You Can Use Today

5 Top Traffic Generation Tips You Can Use Today
By Henrik V Blunck

When you have built a website you obviously want readers to read what you share on your website. Traffic generation is easy once you know the right tools. Here are the 5 top traffic generation tips you can use right now to generate new traffic:

  • Social media
  • Videos on YouTube
  • Comments on blogs
  • Participation on Usenet, a.k.a. Newsgroups
  • Internal linking to useful articles

Social Media

Social media gives you a unique chance to share links with a lot of people with a minimum of effort. Once you have written a new article on your blog you can share this with Facebook friends or Twitter followers. When you have created a new page on your website you can announce this on Google+.

Search engines love social media. Once you create a buzz around your activities people start sharing and retweeting, and you generate an even bigger audience of relevant visitors since the people who share or retweet are interested in the same things you are.

The better the content you create, the more it will be shared by others, and you will see traffic exploding as people begin to notice you.

Videos On YouTube

Videos should be introduced with a link on YouTube so people know where to get more information about the person behind the video. Not only will you see a lot of people clicking such a link, but search engines also pay attention to what you write about the video you are uploading to YouTube.

Comments On Blogs

Commenting on blogs is a very useful way to get new visitors. You should obviously never spam blogs. But when you do have useful feedback that adds value to the debate, you should write a useful comment that will show others you know your niche. This is highly useful in getting new readers since you thereby add the audience of competitors to your batch of regular readers.

Participation On Usenet, a.k.a. Newsgroups

Usenet is useful for your blogs because you are allowed to put links in your signature, thus adding your websites to search engines that crawl the Usenet. Newsgroups are characterized by highly specialized niche oriented geeks that know their niches quite well, so articles written in newsgroups are usually very interesting for web crawlers to pay attention towards.

Internal Linking to Useful Articles

When you write blog articles you obviously don’t want to repeat yourself, so linking to previous articles you have written can be a useful way to link to content that might otherwise escape people’s attention because you may have written it a couple of years ago. By linking to it, you ensure that new visitors can still be served with relevant content through your link.


If you implement these 5 tips you will be boosting your traffic, and I can ensure you this will become an almost automatic thing for you once you remember to use them regularly.

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