Cleaning Up On the Internet

This blog now contains 403 articles with 210 comments, and already Akismet has protected me from over 38,200 spam comments. This brings me to the purpose of this article, and that is cleaning up on the internet.

You and I have a common interest in cleaning up the internet from spammers. People who send out spam e-mails pretending to come from PayPal could ultimately destroy our business if you and I fail to contact their abuse department.

They receive e-mails over on spoof AT paypal DOT com. If you include the full header of the e-mail such spammers send, they get the information they need to do something about it, and they WILL give you a reply when you send in such spam e-mails for their analysis.

Furthermore, it improves the internet when people are determined that they won’t allow spammers to live freely as leeches of a media that should be safe. Failure to participate in such a cleanup can be part of the problem, because this IS one area where people who are not a part of the solution become part of the problem.

It may seem an unsurmountable task, but imagine this. If ten readers get determined to start the process and each get ten new people to participate who then get ten more, then you quickly become a task force of hundreds, even thousands, who start DESTROYING spammers’ business.

Someone has to start the process, and if you depend on the internet for even just a fraction of your income, you should get involved in such a cleanup.

Have a nice weekend everyone. 🙂

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