New Strategy Needed

As regular readers alredy know, my Google Adsense account was shut down. My regular income from this area, and all accrued yet unpaid earnings were gone – without any possibilities for any appeal since Google could never make any mistakes. The suspicion of potential click is enough, and if YOU use Adsense as part of your online income then YOUR income is in danger too.

I know that I never made any mistakes. I have used Adsense for over seven years, and I have never had any problems previously ever. On the contrary my income skyrocketed when I began reading Joel Comm’s books – the man is commonly known as Dr Adsense. So BOTH Google and I made money from this. When I can be hit by this without using any black hat tricks, then so can YOU!

Consider yourself warned. Don’t start crying if you put all your bets on Google, because I have clearly warned you, dear readers…

It is vital that you change your perspective. If you previously sent people away from your sites for pennies since Google long ago decided you couldn’t use the target equals underscore-blank, then you are leaving money on the table.

You no doubt have an e-book or some video course you’re selling. You may have a website covering one of your hobbies where you have some affiliate income. You need to optimize that.

But first, I need to explain. Your former Adsense income was no doubt somewhat stable as your blog grew into a goldmine of good content, and a stable amount of traffic from people who enjoyed regular visits. You went into some form of laissez-faire thinking and you therefore “forgot” that there was a time when you fought your way towards the first 100$. When income is regular it’s quite natural to become a bit “lazy”…

I have been there. Look at my blogs!

I made the same error. Why write articles ahead of time when you can go on vacation, and think about work when you’re back again later… WRONG ATTITUDE!

The error is we become TOO lazy!

It is important to be constantly vigilant about new methods of earning money. If you sell an e-book where you earn 5$, why would you send people away from your blog for ½$ – often much less?

Read that again.

If you earn less than a tenth – over-all – per click, why would you send traffic to any third party? You don’t deserve to make any money, do you? 🙂

Personally, I found that banner ads and Amazon affiliate widgets could earn you more – especially in low-paying keyword niches.

It may be true that banner ads need maintenance, but since the earnings are so much better, why not spread your income venues?

You might even create a plugin for WordPress that could adapt ads to the content you publish. Feel free to grab the idea, and monetize it… 🙂

The important aspect in my new strategy is rethinking search engine optimization. You can get interesting traffic by maintaining your investment of time in your blog, and you should never give up – just optimize your earning potential. You can use your content to get even more buyers of e-books, videocourses etc.

See things the way your visitors see them. Don’t be afraid to rethink your previous activities, and make a conscious decision that you won’t settle for anything but the best. Google actually did me a favor because I was forced to rethink everything, and that inspiration has now been passed on to you so you can perform this before you might be faced with the same situation.

Go be succesful. 🙂

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