The Role Security Plays In Your Online Earning Potential

There is some debate about the the security plays in your online earning potential. Some think it is unimportant as they trust the sheer VOLUME of traffic to offset any security weaknesses, whereas others make the valid point that even small security issues could destroy your entire online earning potential.

We know people want to save even the smallest amounts. Discounts are hunted like honey by bees. Very understandable in a time of economic crisis. But we are not discussing discounts or rebates in a launch phase of your launching a new product.

What I am thinking about are the payment services that are NOT stable. Personally, I prefer Paypal since they have one of the best systems for letting customers pay online. You can hide many things so that people can’t change the price they pay for your e-book or your video course. But even more than that, your blog is also a security issue. I have written 376 articles on this blog, and counting even just five minutes per blog article that adds up to nearly two full weeks of typing – more than 62 hours…

Imagine you lost your blog content just because you hadn’t updated your WordPress blog software. What would the effect be on your online earning potential?

Or if you forgot to update your theme simply because you were too busy to keep your systems fully working?

It COULD wreck your business just like Titanic!

Don’t trust the people who say this isn’t important. It IS! More than anything, you should consider your blog just like a garden. You want to keep your garden well and safe, and you should apply the same attitude to any and all blogs you launch.

Even worse, you need to be aware that sometimes the time you invest in link-building can be LOST because OTHERS forget to prune their gardens. This has happened with one short-linking system called which was introduced by Joel Comm when he wrote the book Twitter Power which was also updated as Twitter Power 2.0. He WAS the author of a tremendous book and principle surrounding Twitter where he wrote about one of the latest micro-blogging systems, Twitter.

The short-linking system has been INACTIVE since the end of June 2011, and I had to visit The Way Back Machine on to see the latest visit their robot paid to that site, and the stats are SCARING to anyone wanting to do serious link-building using Twitter. See for yourself:

Screendump from The Way Back Machine on

23,197 users who LOST their short-links just because this internet marketer moved on, and FORGOT to tend HIS garden. Simply totally unacceptable. You might make the point that it was a free service, but that is still a very invalid point because he could AT THE VERY LEAST have sent an e-mail to people who bought his book and subscribed to this service. We all know he has never hesitated to contact people with product launches of all sorts of other products ranging from the Socrates theme (which he has now ALSO sold) to all sorts of other things.

For the very first time I am DISAPPOINTED, to say the very least. I had many short-links built through that system, and that is why I share this with you because you also need to be forewarned about what happens when you give up on YOUR system. Don’t let your customers down. They may be small fish in the pond, but when I look back I have at least spent some 400$ on both his firesale, books, e-books etc. This is awful because he is a brilliant author, but he has forgotten his roots, and very likely that is going to be fatal once people discover what happened right before their very noses.

So my best advice to you is to MAINTAIN your resources, and be very alert to how you tend your garden. Your online earning potential is very dependent upon your appreciation of both your customers and the systems you use to get that money flowing to your account.

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