France – Travelling to France

On my blog France – Travelling to France I tell people about everything involved in being a tourist in France, owning a home in France and current events about France.

Today, I am starting a miniseries introducing the many blogs I currently manage, and starting with my blog about France for a very good reason. My passion is indeed French wines, French cheeses and everything connected with that lovely country.

I started my youth in a French school here in Copenhagen, so I speak French fluently (in fact as a native), and I have taken numerous vacation trips to France. Previously some good friends lived there, but they have since emmigrated to Israel.

My plan is, however, to get to France either in 2012 or 2013 – depending on what weeks I get off from work since there are important aspects connected with what to see at which times of the year.

If you haven’t been to France this blog could be a good beginning for you to start planning such a vacation. 🙂

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