Generate More Traffic Using Hubpages

In continuation of my hubpage asking the question: “Is There a Future in Hubbing?” there is a good method to generate even more traffic using Hubpages.

You should take advantage of this potential by remembering to include a summary on all your hubpages. I have been a long-time member and contributor on Hubpages. In fact I created my first Hubpage in April 2007. My 21 hubs have generated traffic in numerous niches.

Let’s say you have created a blog about a specific game. You need followers who will become regular readers, and what better way than to create a hubpage about the game, and then introducing it on both Twitter and Facebook so people have a useful resource for their hobbies?

You need to think VALUE and PURPOSE into everything you do. When you bring value to people by offering them a free resource, you put purpose into their hobby, and serious gameplayers will often want to take their fun gameplay just that extra step forward.

When you have followers you also get the chance to sell them an e-book or a video course, so when you have already looked into ClickBank, everything becomes even more profitable for you as a blogger. When you add Adsense ads to your efforts you get a real money machine, even earning you money while you sleep.

So earning more money online involves being creative and taking action when you learn new things from this blog.

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