Diversification – Why It Works

I was having a bit of fun this evening while looking at article stats. I discovered that one of my friends had written 63 more articles than myself. I have a couple of articles pending review, and my friend probably has the same… We both work in the earning money online niche, and she has been a tremendous inspiration in many ways, so this article is NOT an attempt at having fun on behalf of her. I am trying to teach you, my dear readers, a lesson in diversification.

You have heard the saying: “Never put all your eggs into the same basket.” You may have thought of this as just a saying. I am going to tell you that there is a very good reason for this principle being MORE than “just” a saying.

Can you see the interesting trend in this screen dump between our two stats:

EzineArticle stats showing diversification works

  • She started almost two months before I did
  • She covers only a third of the niches I do
  • She has almost 3,000 less views with 63 extra articles live
  • In one area we are almost identical. We have nearly the same number of comments

We each write articles that fit our niches and hobbies, so we are both passionate about our subjects. She is an excellent writer so I would kindly submit that the difference in views is solely based upon a spread in niches. It is therefore a primary lesson in diversification, and you need to focus on a variety of niches to get good page views of your articles.

Your questions for this lesson would no doubt be the following:

Question 1: Can I expect more than 100 page views per article?

My answer: Yes, you certainly can. My top performing three articles have more than 1,000 page views, and the top performing article actually has over 2,200 page views. Some articles can perform badly, but when your content is well-written, your author bio will be read, and consequently you can easily have the best earning from a low-performing article with regards to page views. My best-selling seven articles in terms of generating a sale of an e-book on avoiding divorce each had less than 60 views within the first three weeks.

Question 2: Is it worth the time writing these articles?

My answer: Yes, it certainly can. I view article writing as my chance to get a message across to readers willing to read what I have to say. I would have written it anyway, but now I generate both backlinks to my relevant sites and I get my name branded at the same time. It is a dual system involving both the aspect of direct and indirect income channels.

If you have any questions on diversification, leave a comment on this article, and I will happily answer any of your thoughts. 🙂

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