Article Databases – The Article That Generated The Most Spam

Just over a year ago, on January 6th 2010, I wrote the article “Article Databases – Not Half Bad“. This single article has put Akismet on overtime…

In that article I described how EzineArticles and HubPages could generate a lot of extra targetted traffic. But it also generated a lot of attempts at getting comments approved that were spam.

This proves two things:

  • Article databases is a subject targetted by spam bots
  • Article databases is a misunderstood subject

Targetting By Spam Bots
Luckily, WordPress can be equipped with Akismet which takes out most of the work involved with sorting through comments that try to get approved. But how anyone can try to send five identical comments with the same IP but different e-mail adresses is a mystery to me. I could write an entire article about why you need a serious e-mail as sender for your comments, but will leave that for a future article. Some serious marketers do use gmail, but let’s be honest. In a time and age where people filter their e-mails you’re not going to get the same credibility with an e-mail such as as you would when using your own personal e-mail.

You don’t want traffic from spamming blogs. Don’t get involved in this type of link building. It may fool search engines for a time, but it doesn’t attract any living visitors to your blogs. Spend your time writing serious comments, and you will see a positive – and lasting – effect on the readership of your blogs.

A Misunderstood Subject
Article databases are sources of information for people interested in your niche. When I write a good article on EzineArticles about Twitter, I want people to be interested in what I have to say. I may want to sell them an e-book, and I may want them to join my list. But I want real and living people to be involved in what I have to say.

Consider that every time you write an article. Create a buzz around real information with value for your readers. Then it makes it even more fun to see just how strange the behavior of spam bots really is.

Article databases can greatly increase your traffic because you get in touch with people who might not otherwise have found your blog. Use your energy wisely in targetting the right audience, and leave the rest for amateurs.

In Conclusion
More than the above two article databases there are other article databases worth releasing articles on. That will be what I am going to adress in coming weeks. Please do comment on what has worked for you with article databases, and let me know which article databases you can recommend. I will add these to my four or five extra ones I am going to dwell on.

Stay tuned. 🙂

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