Video Editing – Free Tools Can Help You Create Professional Videos

Today I want to present you with free downloads you can use for video editing. These free tools can help you create professional videos, and can help you boost your business in 2011.

If you search for such tools on the internet, many of these will cost you between $100 and $500 – but free tools can help you getting a long way when you are starting up your online business. So freeware, shareware and public domain can help you during your startup, and once you begin earning money online on a recurring basis, it’s much easier to take out the necessary funds to get professional tools. But once you get to know these programs I am confident you will find there isn’t any need to move on to paid programs.

We will be looking at free tools for all of the following operating systems:

  • Video editing in Windows
  • Video editing for MacOS users
  • Video editing for users running Linux

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Video Editing in Windows
Most computers today come pre-installed with a video editor, the so-called Windows Movie Maker. You can either record a video using a webcam, or transfer videos recorded using your cellphone or iPhone. You can then insert your video into the movie using the drag and drop principle we are all familiar with under Windows. You can even create a video using still images you have taken, such as screen dumps, or single illustrations created in Powerpoint or using the free OpenOffice software suite. When you have still images, you can then change the length each photo is shown so that it fits your recorded voice presentation of what you are creating – and suddenly you have a nice video created within minutes that can be rather nice to watch.

Video Editing for MacOS X Users
When running MacOS, I would recommend the Apple iMovie program. One feature that isn’t available in the Windows Movie Maker is the ability to edit sound. So Apple users are indeed blessed with nice extra features – just as I am typing this article from my wife’s MacBook while awaiting the iPad I ordered.

Video Editing When Running Linux
For Linux users you will appreciate getting to know the Zwei-Stein freeware program. It has many advanced features you will enjoy, such as custom effects, panning and cropping.

Debugmode Wax may be outdated but itís still excellent for video editing. The visual effects are flexible and you can easily create fantastic video sequences.

Multi-Platform Programs
Jashaka can be used under all 3 operating systems (Linux, MacOS and Windows). It can handle the OpenML and OpenGL hardware available today which allows users real-time interactivity. The program comes with image processing, paint, and full CG modules.

Virtual Dub offers very simple editing tools. But this tool is mostly for minor changes, but it does handle AVI files, and can read MPEG-1 and BMP files.

These programs can be downloaded from the internet. If you want to use an online tool, I would recommend taking a look at Jump Cut. That tool can only be used while you are online, but you can cut and paste videos, add effects, insert photos and titles etc. The last function is similar to the one many know from YouTube when they have uploaded their videos.

I hope these recommendations have inspired you to prioritize using videos for your earning money online ventures in 2011.

Happy New Year everyone. 🙂

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