The Most Difficult Comment You Can Write

The most difficult comment you can write on a blog may be received with somewhat mixed feelings. One famous blogger only allowed positive comments on his blog. He ended up appearing as though he only liked yes-men around him. I explained what I write in this blog article to him, and today he has changed his moderation policy. Maybe you should review your policy also.

Be Grateful for Comments
If a reader makes an effort to express valid points, you need to acknowledge this, and move on with better focus and attention towards weaker elements in your writing. You should be grateful for comments, even when you might disagree a bit, because most people just move on. If they don’t like your blog, they simply never come back.
Why lose visitors when you can see the point being made is valid? It is like leaving money on the table.

Positive Development Over Time
All blog articles have strong points and some weak points. Just go back a year or two in your archive. You can see the difference in your skills straight away. We all can. The positive development over time shows you improve as you write more and more.

Stephen King didn’t just write it all in one go. He reviewed his material and proofreaders did the same. If you go through all his books I am sure you might find one spelling error or a fault in grammar. He had MANY people review his material, so why should it be any wonder if you make a mistake or two when you do all the work on your blog alone.

Realize the elements you already do. You update your blog software, you write articles, you review comments, you delete spam, you announce on Twitter, Facebook etc. All of that takes time, and you should be glad you don’t make even more mistakes.

How You Can Earn From Applying This
Now, the logical question that comes to mind is: How can I earn anything from applying this? It is a good question. Actually, the answer is psychological. When you acknowledge an error, you’re different from all the wannabe-gurus. You’re showing you’re human. People like that, and it will increase your online credibility.

So why not acknowledge you DO make mistakes? Be honest and admit there is a reason why you’re better today than you were a couple of years ago. Be glad you developed in a positive direction. It is the way to go. Blog comments can help you reach that goal.

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