Build Success By Learning From Failures

You can build success by learning from failures. When you do realize what went wrong with projects that didn’t quite succeed, you can greatly increase the chances of success next time you get involved in a project.

Prime Tweeter was one such project. I wanted to praise Twitter power users who acted differently from the majority – who oftentimes inflate their numbers of followers using various autoresponse systems. I built a blog on entitled Prime Tweeter, and also had a Twitter profile that was intended to bring attention to those worth following on Twitter.

Can you identify the mistakes I made? Please write a comment about what you think was a mistake in the setup of all of this. In a couple of days I will reveal what I learned from this experience, and we’ll see who comes closest to what I found – or maybe you even have some extra points I didn’t quite see.

Your participation is very welcome. 🙂

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