Did You Write An Article Yesterday?

Were you motivated by the article “Self-Discipline – Build Your Future Now” that I released yesterday to write an article?

Did you check the results?

If you had some Adsense on your blog, you may have earned 1 or 2% clicks on your ads. If each paid only a few cents, you may only have earned a couple of dollars. Don’t give up. Keep reading. I will show you a much more lucrative way of earning money online just below.

Let’s say you have 1,000 readers of your blog. Which is best: Adsense ads or banner ads?

You have probably heard of banner blindness, and therefore your reply is very probably that you earn more from Adsense ads than banner ads.

That is wrong!

I have had up-to-date banners that paid 60$ per click – and some affiliate ads that paid 20-40$. And they were clicked. They were up-to-date, and RELEVANT for the readership of my blog. Even just a low click-through rate of 1% with a readership of 1,000 readers is 10 clicks earning you 600$.

Where else could you earn that kind of money?

Building a list? You’re kidding me… Half your e-mails end up in spam filters, and half of those that pass through are probably disregarded, and then you end up with maybe only 25% reading some of your mails, and before you know it, you’re fighting your way trying to convert the 10% that read the entirety of your e-mails into customers.

It simply doesn’t work – and most marketers know this. That’s why they need far BIGGER lists to start earning money online.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s a good idea to build a list, but your immediate source for quick cash won’t necessarily be writing to a list – and certainly not if you’re a newbie in internet marketing. Build your list WHILE you have several sources of income, and you will get much more income than trying to fight your way to the attention from your readers.

You NEED my e-book “How YOU Can Earn Money From Banner Ads Today” which I am currently translating from Danish into English. Many Danish bloggers have been helped by this e-book, but until now it has only been available in Danish.

This will change now – and the e-book will be available from October 10th 2010 in English.

You can PRE-order the e-book at a reduced price of only $9.95 if you do so before October 1st 2010. After that date, the price will be going up to $17 for the e-book alone, and $27 if you want both the e-book and sound file so you can LISTEN to the e-book on your iPod, iPhone or other multimedia player – or even in your car if you burn a cd with the sound file or have a radio with a USB-plug in which you could insert a USB-key.

You have NOTHING to lose by acting now, but can save over 40% of the retail price by ordering your copy now. You will get the e-book by mail on October 10th 2010 when you order your copy today, before you forget it.



Remember: As a bonus for ordering now you get BOTH the e-book and audio file when you order “How YOU Can Earn Money From Banner Ads Today” right now, so don’t forget if you are serious about earning money online.

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