Make Money Writing Articles – Turn Original Content Into Cash

Make Money Writing Articles – Turn Original Content Into Cash
By Henrik V Blunck

You may feel a bit frustrated. You write excellent articles, you have great traffic to your articles, but you aren’t making any money. This is a problem for many writers. They expect a fair share of the income available online, and who can blame them? No one told them the secrets to making money online, but you should know how to monetize your articles so you can get motivated to write even more articles – and earn even more money.

Turning original content into cash can be done in several ways. I will show you three central ways that can greatly boost your earnings online.

  1. Turn your article into a cash cow by reading it aloud into a sound file
  2. Turn your article into a cash cow by doing a video where you explain your content
  3. Start monetizing your site with affiliate marketing banners and Google AdSense

When you follow these tips, you will see a drastic increase in both your traffic and the money you begin to cash in.

Reading Your Article Aloud – The Sound File
You know search engines love your original content. Your articles could score well in that area. But what about those who can’t read? What about the many people who don’t spend time reading? They still want your content, but they might get somewhat lost running through hundreds of words. If they aren’t accustomed to reading that can be an insurmountable task.

But why shouldn’t you then also make use of the chance to attract even more traffic by adding a sound file where you have read your article aloud?

You can even insert it directly on your WordPress blog using the quick addition table in your Dashboard. It will allow you to upload your sound file and add a comment to it so people can get it directly read aloud for them.

Just as when the first podcasts came about, search engines love multimedia – although they can’t understand the content of the media file. That’s what your article is for. But you might as well supplement your content by adding your own sound file.

Doing a Video Explaining Your Article – The Videocast
Similarly, doing a video where you read your article aloud with some screens containing the headlines can all be pieced together in a matter of minutes using Windows Movie Maker. It’s a free program, and truly very intuitive. When you’re finished with your movie, you can upload it to YouTube, and embed this video on your blog. Just as you could add the sound file to your blog, so you can also embed video along with your article content.

By offering people both the opportunity to read it themselves, getting it read aloud and seeing a video with the article presented, you’re getting the best of all three worlds. People like to see, hear, feel or do things when they need to learn new skills. You can offer them three of those four types of learning.

Start Monetizing Your Site With Ads
There is nothing wrong with making money for your efforts. This is the one type of mindset that has previously hindered many in making money online. You shouldn’t let yourself be affected by that type of thinking, but should present relevant ads – either in the form of affiliate link banners or Google AdSense.

You might as well earn some money when people are moving on to other pages on the internet. It’s money in the tip jar each time one visitor clicks.

In Conclusion
You can begin making money online. All it takes is to think a bit outside the box. Once you get started, you can see why I recommended this in my article. Why should you be the only one who isn’t getting paid for making an effort to supply others with quality content?

The answer to that question should be the beginning of turning original content into cash.

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