Boost Your Sales By Reviewing Your Price Levels

You can boost your sales by reviewing your price levels. On this blog all items sold are open for review. Updates will be made, and products will be moved into a shopping page that will allow you to select Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level packages.

This won’t give you any discounts. But it WILL increase your perceived value because you will now be presented with what is ESSENTIAL for beginning to earn money online (Beginner), what is NEEDED to increase your sales (Intermediate), and what can be done to BOOST an existing online income (Advanced)…

You don’t need discounts to get you started.

What you need is a decent overview that allows you more easily to decide what you really need to get you off to either a good start, build upon your solid foundation or boost an already growing income.

What are your thoughts about such a three-phased system? Thanks beforehand for your feedback. 🙂

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