The HAHD Challenge — Why You Should Prove Yourself

HAHD signifies Hundred Articles in Hundred Days, and taking part in the challenge over on EzineArticles is a key to proving yourself a worthy writer. If writing is what you want to do, taking this challenge is exactly the thing you should do, and I will tell you why in this article.

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Hundred articles in hundred days – each containing over 400 words sounds insurmountable to some. When you break it down into days, you can actually see that it is possible to complete this challenge. There is a very good reason why you should complete the challenge over on EzineArticles, and convincing you in the span of one single article is going to be my challenge for today.

Stephen King once described how his daily goal was to write down 3000 words each day. That was the best way he could complete his books, stay fired up, and see results that have convinced everyone worldwide of his worth as an author. 3000 words would be just about 11 articles per day.

The fourth HAHD-challenge is even more fun. You can write about many different subjects and stay fired up in several of your chosen niches while you build backlinks to your blog, your Twitter profile or whatever else you put in your resource box.

Writing 40.000 words sounds impossible for a beginner, but when broken up into maybe 10 or 15 subjects it becomes possible to share a lot of knowledge with people looking for solutions – as many do when they read articles. You have a unique opportunity to brand your name by taking this challenge, and you even have a very useful author tool to help you in creating that content.

The tool is called “Title suggestions.” You use it to get ideas for titles when you enter specific search words. Inspiration for articles that would fit the many search terms people use here and elsewhere on the internet. When keyed into a big database this becomes a fabulous tool to inspire you into writing great content that will actually be read.

Also, the very editorial process can help you, because as articles are edited, checked and approved for publication you get backlinks drop by drop. Search engines love this, and you increase your score in a search engine such as Google in a far shorter time than using any other tool.

There are many other article directories, but check their PageRanks. They don’t rank nearly as well as EzineArticles. Over 275,000 users have supplied content on that website, and your articles would be in very good company with others writers who like to deliver prime content to readers all over the globe through the internet.

Finally, the biggest reason for joining is proving you have the self-discipline required to create 100 articles in hundred days. It sounds like much, but when broken down it is, as I said above, indeed possible to fulfill this obligation to yourself. You owe it to yourself to show you have what it takes to be a writer. Taking the HAHD-challenge is a good first step in that direction. See you across the winning line. I am going to make it, and my question to you is: “Will you make the same effort?”

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