How To Cure a Dying Blog

There are methods you can revitalize a dying blog. It takes action on your part, but doing so the right way can truly boost your acquired results and end up bringing even more traffic than you ever had before. You have several choices:

  1. Get guest bloggers
  2. Advertise your blog
  3. Get a new WordPress theme

Get Guest Bloggers
Getting guest bloggers to your blog can bring new content to your site. You may have read competing blogs, and may have considered some of the content would fit well on your own blog.

You can choose between linking to good content, or perhaps even asking the fellow blogger whether he/she would be interested in writing a guest post – or maybe even two – on your blog. Your blog can be much more interesting to people when you combine readerships, and you can also enjoy backlinks from your guest blogger who might announce his article on Twitter or Facebook, or maybe even both.

Advertise Your Blog
When advertising income is down, you lose some of your interest in writing new material. You could advertise your blog on new forums to bring in a new crowd of people to your existing readership. Look out for relevant posts on forums and usenet, and link to helpful articles you may have written on the subject.

Once you begin to see money coming into your account, it becomes much more fun to bring in more money, so why not give it a try? 🙂

Get a New WordPress Theme
Just as you could begin by watching the WordPress Unleashed video-course, you could also enhance your blog by getting a new theme.

You can get lots of free WordPress themes when you Google or Bing the words “free wordpress themes”, and you might be able to find a relevant theme you can adapt to your own needs – widget ready, as most of them are, making them much easier to adapt.

Good luck in bringing life back to your blog.

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