Can I Earn Money by Watching Ads?

There are many companies involved in exposing your ads. They use a variety of systems, but mainly they can be divided into three major groups. They offer one of the following benefits:

  • Points to Merchandise
  • Points to Traffic
  • Price Per Ad Viewed

Points to Merchandise

With points to merchandise conversion systems you earn a specific amount of points for each time you watch an ad for 20 or 30 seconds. Once your points add up to a certain amount of points you can convert these into various forms of merchandise.

You will often end up spending many hours watching crappy content for a very low salary when you calculate the value of the merchandise you can convert your points into. This type of ad watching cannot be recommended, unless time is of no value to you.

Points to Traffic

The systems where you are offered points that can be converted into further traffic to your sites can be somewhat more useful. Very often you will, however, only get traffic from others who are equally interested in getting traffic to their own sites so their attention will often be more focused upon accumulating points than actually watching the content you are offering.

If you have a sales page offering a low-priced product you may find that you could get buyers for your sites by converting points from your own ad watching into getting your link exposed to hundreds of others. You should be able to test the site offering this within a couple of weeks. If all traffic is worthless compared with sales figures, I would suggest checking another service.

Price Per Ad Viewed

These systems can be some of the best. Often advertising agencies will pay people to watch their ads and give them feedback. This is especially done before ads are sent as television commercials to get all errors out of their messages. You have a good chance to actually make a difference in the things you watch, and you can get decent results from watching such programs.

You should, however, be mindful that many ads will require some five-six questions to be answered after you have watched the ad. This will normally give you some 1-3$ per ad. In situations where you are on low-wage pay that could indeed be a good way to make savings for your summer vacation.

In Conclusion

It is possible to earn money from watching ads. You need to find the right media, and when you do you should be as honest as possible when answering questions to make their services as effective as possible so many more companies will use this type of service.

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