Simplify Your Life

You could save lots of time if you focused on simplifying your life. When you simplify your life, you remove all obstacles that hinder your effectiveness.

Let’s take a look at what may be the situation for many people by looking at information overload in this picture:

Could this be the way your office looks? Have you lost all sense of purpose and direction? If so, you may want to change your focus. If you make a conscious decision that you are willing to simplify your life you have taken the first VERY IMPORTANT STEP to make life much easier.

An effective person only deals with things that BENEFIT his business. An ineffective person drowns in papers and lost opportunities because all overview is lost.

Can you SEE the difference between these two personality types?

Lots of people can agree that being effective is important, but taking the first steps is apparently “too difficult.” They can’t seem to grasp that action is taken based upon conscious decisions followed up by a willingness to make an effort.

All changes can be considered dangerous, but if you look at life as one long journey of exploration of new perspectives you might get a renewed zeal for COMMITTING yourself to change.

Let’s take 3 steps that could help you take the first important steps to get the process started:

  • Begin With Little Things<
  • Clean Up Your Desk
  • Use A Good E-mail Program

Begin With Little Things
Start by noticing all the little time robbers. Clean up your system tray. All needless programs take away your attention from focusing. Even e-mail notifications from your e-mail client can be distracting if they pop up every minute or so.

You need to invest your time seriously, and you need to treat your earning money online project as a business. It doesn’t have to be boring just because you want to take your business seriously. Au contraire. You can actually get extra joy from seeing that your efforts bring in real fruits.

Clean Up Your Desk
Your desk is important to getting the right results. Whether your physical desk – where your computer is – or your virtual desktop, the screen on your computer.

Clutter is an enemy to getting good results. Your memory is bogged down on your computer when you save everything to your desktop. At least do yourself the decency of having a folder entitled “To be examined” instead of saving all materials to your desktop.

Furthermore, getting papers cleaned up helps you maintain focus on what needs your attention, maybe payments or things that need to be handled within the day. All things that don’t need your attention could either be thrown out, or saved in proper order.

Use A Good E-mail Program
Personally, I would recommend Mozilla Thunderbird. It gives you an opportunity to filter all messages into folders in your e-mail accounts and helps you stay focused on what REALLY needs your attention.

By using the right filtering principles you can save lots of time. Invest 30 seconds in creating a filter and save ten seconds every single day. Even with mails that only arrive on regular business days, 200 mails filltered to your wastebin adds up to 33 minutes saved per year. That was just for one mail filtered taking you 30 seconds to do.

When unsubscribing doesn’t work, filtering trash away will save you HOURS every single week and will add quality to your working hours.

Just imagine how much time you could save by simplifying your life. What is your excuse not to simplify your life beginning today? I would like to hear your feedback on that because it would seem senseless not to grab this opportunity to start making real money online by making this commitment to simplify your life.

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