Yes, You Could Earn Money Online

Sometimes people ask: “Can I earn money online?” My answer is always: “Yes, you could earn money online”, and usually I point their attention towards Amazon and Google. Then they object by saying that not all people end up with fortunes such as the guys from Google.

In a way, they’re both wrong – and focusing on the wrong goal!

When you want to earn money online, you need to choose a niche that interests, motivates and inspires you. If you can’t find such a niche, you’re not ready to start a blog or a web shop. You need to wait until you have EXACTLY the kind of niche that gets you burning with fire and new ideas.

You need to INSPIRE others before you can bring them to the point that they can earn money online. It requires self-discipline. Once you’ve earned your first payment from Google Adsense, there’s another one coming in a shorter time than the first time, and the third time is going to come even faster. Before you know it you begin earning a decent extra income.

If you have a bit of luck, combined with your passion, you end up living from your online efforts. My best example is the PHP guru, Robert Plank. He began making extra income online, and suddenly he found himself not cashing in his “ordinary” paycheck because he lived off his online income. He requested feedback from his readers, and everyone [almost everyone anyway ;-)] said he should take the full step into becoming a full time online entrepreneur.

Would you have had the same courage? If yes, well done. If not, why not?

Please leave comments as to your thoughts on this. Are YOU starting to see the light in earning money online? Or are you too cautious to start this exciting journey.

Thanks beforehand for your feedback.

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