You Want Attention — Here’s How to Get it!

Let’s face it. You want attention, and often you may be wondering how to get it. Does this hit a sore spot with you? Read on, and discover the real key behind using social media.

I enjoy social media. No doubt about it. I like to see what others tweet, and I like to share what I do, say, think and write. But I KNOW some people aren’t listeners on social media such as Twitter. Some have thousands of followers, and they could NEVER listen to all tweets. Much passes by their attention sphere.

It’s not all that bad, because search engines will index your tweets. You can check that by creating a Google Alert that tells you all about your name. So you DO make an impact even when some don’t listen.

That’s why I tweeted the following comment about an hour ago:

At times I wonder why tweet. I know about followers etc, but the truth is: We like the links, and search engines don’t count followers…

What IS The Key To Get People’s Attention?
Write something special, something controversial. Wake up your followers. They will REACT to your tweets.

I previously disagreed somewhat with Joel Comm when he mentioned this in his book Twitter Power. But I fully admit I was wrong. Being wrong gives me a chance to become WISER. I have realized that BEING UNIQUE requires you make unique statements. If you write only logical tweets people get bored.

If you release valuable quotes, useful comments, controversial statements and clear points of view you will grab people’s attention.

Tweeting Isn’t Your Blog RSS-Feed
One of the worst things you can do is to release only obvious tweets whose sole purpose is to backlink to your articles. You need to grab people’s attention so they click on your profile name in the right hand side menu on Twitter. That is your key to grabbing people’s attention.

Go use it yourself, and see the dramatic change in organic traffic. People visiting your blogs because they become curious as to who you are and what you have to say. An attentive audience can be the beginning of a good relationship, so why not begin implementing this on Twitter? 🙂

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