What Is Your Perception of Perfection?

When I say the word “perfection”, it wakes up certain thoughts in your mind. I could illustrate this in pictures. These four photos below are some ways some people visualize perfection:

Now, how do you perceive perfection? Is it when you have written a good e-book that sells? Is it when you have written some new articles that get good reviews? What is your definition of perfection?

My best definition of perfection is:

Appreciating what you have achieved, yet always looking for ways to improve both your own understanding and the way you bring it forward to others.

You could say that by having that definition perfection is unattainable, and you would be almost right. What I consider a good e-book might not be what you like best. You might prefer a slight difference in focus because of your own niches – and that doesn’t change the quality of the e-book, but it sure changes the perception of the e-book.

Therefore we all know that giving any number of stars as a definition of value/quality is highly personal. The quality of the article is the same regardless of how many (or few) stars it gets. At least it was good enough to pass editorial guidelines when it was released. The quality of your videos may also be excellent, but if you miss certain elements of including a Powerpoint illustration or changing your voice or some third thing, people might find your video boring. If you had released the same information as a podcast (pure sound), it might have been a success.

So, as you can see, the perception of perfection is very different from person to person, and that’s why you need to adapt your message to the media you choose. For blogs, short and concise articles allow people to digest your information while following their busy schedules whereas a longer video might be exported to an iPod for later review.

Keep that in mind when you’re wondering why long videos don’t sell on your sales pages. You will want your message to come across in the best format possible. That is the key to strivinhg for perfection.

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