The Ten Ultimate Keys to Online Success

Nobody has given the ten ultimate keys to online success, but I feel it is important to SHARE those keys with people who are willing to put this into good use in their own online businesses. It is my hope that you, as a reader of this blog, is one of those persons.

I blog to HELP others. I SHARE ideas, tips and tricks with others because I find it fun to experience the joy of opening one’s inbox and finding an e-mail that basically thanks me for MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Whatever little difference I can make in YOUR life can be the beginning of a mutually beneficial cooperation — a so-called Joint Venture.

The TEN ultimate keys to online success are these:

  1. Setting a definite goal for your online business.
  2. Slicing your major goal into increments so you can regularly see your development, and determine whether you’re on-target.
  3. Working towards your major goal, and acknowledging each milestone along the way — implementing points 1 and 2 by taking action.
  4. Acquiring new valuable knowledge, and implementing it into your own business.
  5. Sharing your valuable knowledge with people willing to listen, read and learn. [This point is useful because you get new friends online, and could meet new friends at an almost viral speed.]
  6. Using social media responsibly.
  7. Bringing content to your blog on a regular basis.
  8. Reacting upon feedback.
  9. Giving feedback to others — always willing, again, to share your knowledge so others can benefit from your expertise.
  10. Making sure you memorize the former 9 points, and that you NEVER corrupt your online credibility.

Setting a definite goal for your online business
Not having a definite goal would cause you to run around like a headless chicken.

All action you take would be pointless if there isn’t a clear goal for your activities. The very first thing a consultant does when he enters any business is to ask both the board of directors and down the line company employees what their goals are. The more a person identifies what he is in the process of accomplishing, the more probable it will be that he will actually ACHIEVE this goal.

Slicing your goal into increments for regular monitoring of being on-target
Dividing your main goal into clearly defined milestones will help you identify growth and help you maintain a clear focus towards both your main and individual goals.

It’s one of the main reasons why newsletters are so important. You get a chance to visualize what is being accomplished, and you get a chance to thank the people involved with achieving your goals.

Working towards your main goal, and acknowledging each milestone along the way
This third key is VITAL. You must work towards your goal – even in times of crisis or on days where you might not even want to get out of bed. We all have such days where we would rather read a book. Some especially experience this when they’re ill. Sometimes that illness can be your body’s signals to take a break.

You should take breaks, but your over-all goal is never worth losing sight of. Keeping it clearly in focus will help you achieve it.

Acquiring valuable knowledge, and implementing it into your business
Getting new valuable knowledge should inspire and motivate you. Implementing important ideas or tips into your daily routines can help you save lots of time and energy.

You should NEVER be afraid of getting more knowledge. It is a valuable resource that you constantly grow your business by your attitude and willingness to listen and learn.

Sharing your valuable knowledge with people willing to listen, read and learn
You should, obviously, never share confidential information. But sharing that a certain e-book is worth reading can help others find similar material as you were just inspired by. You can share that information through many media. Sharing on Facebook or Twitter could be examples of sharing with people willing to listen and learn. People who follow you because they find you have expertise they can benefit from. Realize their motivation, and you will be better at targetting what they’re looking for.

Using social media responsibly
Some people, erroneously, tend to believe that spending time in social media sites is ALWAYS beneficial. You need to prioritize your time, and use social media responsibly. Share what is relevant, but don’t ever overdo it. People get turned off by that, and you lose both credibility and goodwill.

Bringing content to your blog on a regular basis
This very obvious key is often overlooked. When you don’t feel up to writing longer articles your blog begins to suffer, and suddenly you find your blog is deserted – both content-wise and in the number of people who visit your blog.

Reacting upon feedback
How do you react when someone states a critical opinion upon your blog? You should be happy they took time to express their opinion, because feedback CAN be useful when people have good intentions. People who comment generally do have that – and the proof lies in the fact that they made an effort to bring to you their opinion. Most people just proceed to other blogs or websites and never pay any attention to telling whether something was useful (or not) to them…

Reacting positively can greatly increase your online credibility.

Giving feedback to others — sharing your knowledge so they can benefit from your expertise
Just as in the previous key, being a good commentator for others can help them learn new things. Why shouldn’t you share your expertise with them?

Memorizing the former 9 points, assuring you NEVER corrupt online credibility
Your online credibility is your most valuable asset. Guard the knowledge you have by treating it with respectl Be open towards new ideas, and share your opinions. When you implement all ten keys you will be well on your way towards success online.

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