Earning Money In Seasonal Niches

It is possible to earn money in seasonal niches. I know because I got involved with projects that involved exactly that. Everything ranging from spring greetings, summer greetings, fall greetings and winter greetings. Even a theme blog on the Danish Constitution which you can see right here: http://den-danske-grundlov.blogspot.com/.

The latest project has been the introduction of the Danish X-mas calendar which already began earning me money from Adsense and banner ads back in the month of May when people began searching for the word “julekalender” (meaning “x-mas calendar” in Danish).

This project is one that involves 24 articles during the month of December and then some 6-8 new introduction articles during the year leading up to the special season again.

How much can you earn? It all depends upon your ability to generate an interest for your product. One year I heard an amount in the neighborhood of 115$ in one day. All just because of ONE article. Count 24 times just half of that amount, and you end up with 1200$.

But it’s not just the money. Think of all the fun involved. Add banner ads to your site and perhaps some 3-5 ads, and you end up with an easy 2000$ for writing some 30 articles. Where else could you find such earnings?

I should have charged for presenting you with such a cash cow, but I really want you to be inspired so you can see the full potential. I hope you will be motivated by the figures to join in testing seasonal niches. There’s room for a lot more people…

Have fun.

The X-mas calendar in Danish can be seen over at http://www.blunck.dk/julekalender-2009/

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