Build Twitter Power By Perspective

How can you build REAL Twitter Power? What is your perspective on using Twitter? Have you even thought of what really makes up good behavior on Twitter? Read this, and you will learn to put Twitter into the right perspective, and build a good following of serious users.

Let’s face it. Some want to force impressive thousands of followers as some sort of success criteria. Follow lots of people, and count on people following you back. You end up losing all Tweets, and you have no quality in the feeds from those you follow.

You can do WAY MUCH BETTER. If you maintain decency in your selection of whom to follow you will find that Twitter is a very USEFUL and BENEFICIAL network of users. People who have much to tell and an ability to say it in short sentences. Even the fact that Tweets are limited to 140 characters is a sign of quality. I know many will define me as somewhat impatient. I am. I like short explanations and straight-to-the-point talk. You have a problem, say so. You have a solution, explain it. You have a grudge, come forward.

But NEVER waste my time. I will not be a smalltalker for long, if you don’t have something useful to say. Some call this arrogant, and maybe they’re right.

But think of it this way: when I can help lots of people (like I do on Yahoo Answers, Kandu and many other places), then time is of the essence. We all have 24 hours every day. This time MUST be spent properly. We all need sleep, out kids need attention, our spouse needs attention etc. The amount of time left besides working MUST be spent in a way that benefits everyone.

If you can’t introduce your idea (or thought) in 140 characters, you really don’t know what you want to say. Read that sentence again! If you have a clear message you can create a lot of buzz around your idea if you know how to present it in short and clear terms. Stop kidding yourself, and start building a faithful following by observing these ground rules:

  • Bring VALUE to followers on Twitter
  • Treat followers on Twitter with respect – those you have selected have focus and purpose
  • Prune list of followers – if they start spamming, stop them from polluting your timeline…
  • Release news with care – don’t become a spammy news bureau. Only share what you find truly useful
  • RT (Retweeting) means you share the ability of others – give due credit to whom credit is due.

Some of these points are built upon reading Joel Comm’s book “Twitter Power”, but I have also expanded some points according to my own experience, and felt like sharing so you could also benefit from Twitter.

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