How You Can Revitalize Your Cash Cow

I want to tell you how you can revitalize your cash cow. You may have an e-book laying on your hard drive which previously made you some money. NOW is the time to start making money from it again. I will teach you how reading it aloud into a sound file can allow you to revitalize that cash cow like you have never seen before.

Print your e-book. Put on some water for a cup of tea, and prepare to dive into your material. Take a red pen with you and mark up ANYTHING that is outdated. The key to revitalize your cash cow is to make it an UPDATED version.

People LOVE updated versions for two reasons:

  • Updated versions make it RELEVANT for them today
  • Updated versions can be made even more valuable

Remember: the more value you put into your material, the more money you will earn and the better your credibility online. When you release your material as an e-book that is read aloud people can take their e-book with them on MP3, on their iPods, on a USB-key etc. All of it compatible with the time they spend in their cars anyway.

You MUST provide something that is EASY to DIGEST for people to take action.
We could easily agree that more comprehensive materials might be better, but it won’t sell. People want something they can understand. They are so fed up with their everyday jobs that they don’t have the extra time to dive into a printed e-book, and consequently much material that could have earned people thousands of dollars lies around waiting to be used.

So stop procrastinating, and begin revitalizing your own cash cows. Get the work done and get the wheels turning. You’re welcome to tell me about the product(s) you may have created after reading this. I would be truly happy to hear of a lot more people who began revitalizing their cash cows. Carpe diem. 🙂

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