What You All Must Learn

Let me introduce a typical blogger and fellow Twitter-user whom I think COULD have potential, but you must all learn from the mistakes he did so you can do even better. On April 4th, 2009, this friend on Twitter wrote:

I guess I don’t have the time for blogging anymore. I’ve in a year written a blog post every day, lol it’s nothing compared with the gurus!

Yesterday, this guy wrote the following on Twitter:

I don’t feel like I’ve enough time for Twitter.. Don’t know why.

A few days ago he declared on his About-page that “Twitter is my life” so things DO change… 🙂

What’s Wrong With The Perspective?
Let’s LEARN from this instead of just pointing fingers. The best way you can learn is by seeing what doesn’t work so you can FOCUS on what REALLY WORKS.

Never write when you don’t feel like it. You should only write when you have something inspiring to say. Give yourself another day off when you’re hit by writer’s block. Don’t feel any obligation to release any articles if you can’t GIVE something to your readers.

Give knowledge. Bring ideas. Suggest solutions. Help others. That recipe works, at all times and under all conditions — whether in crisis or not.

When I have brought high-quality advice to others I have seen that the level of success they experienced has been directly related to their willingness to implement what they learned. Sometimes I wonder why people read blogs when they’re unwilling to actually DO what you say is necessary. Often I am then reminded that you can show a donkey water and food, but you can never force it to drink or eat.

Some people think the word “regularly” means you have to update your blog DAILY. In an ideal utopia that might be fun, but we all have obligations, and sometimes walking the dog or kicking some football (soccer for American readers) with your sons is far more important than writing on your blog. Especially if you feel OBLIGATED to do it. Your blog won’t wither and die just because you give it a rest for a couple of days.

Burning out happens when you get OVER-zealous. When you lose the inner fire that should burn with enthusiasm you end up burning your candles in both ends. It won’t work. You MUST take some time off and QUIT writing when you don’t feel like it, yet strive to recuperate and become motivated again. Read some magazines, see some movies, talk with friends, and get NEW subjects that might even relate to your niche.

I would never point fingers at anyone. I’m trying to help anyone who’s hit by writer’s block and suggest you do the same by linking to this article if you felt motivated by it. Let others read it too so they can avoid being hit by this. Perhaps you, too, can motivate someone to get motivated again. Wouldn’t that be a nice feeling? 🙂

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