10 Best — Yet Simple — Steps to Buiding Sales Success

Here are The 10 Best, yet Most Simple, Steps in Building Sales Success

  1. Be organized. Use your calendar, and keep in touch with clients and prospects regularly
  2. Be aggressive. Small numbers multiply rapidly. Consistently make new sales call every day. If you use affiliates for your sales generation increase commission so affiliates make an extra effort. This has worked very well for many Internet Marketing gurus.
  3. Be honest. All you have is your reputation. Remember “People buy from People.”
  4. Show your knowledge. Know your product or service, and your competitors. An informed person is a confident and interesting person.
  5. Be qualified in your questions and replies. The best way to sell is to ask questions, and when you give answers be sure to listen before you give an answer. Remember you are in sales to help people.
  6. Listen. If you talk, you’re telling. If you listen and ask questions you are now able to understand and better help the customer with what he/she actually NEEDS.
  7. Have the right attitude. Enthusiasm is contagious. Being positive helps create desire, discipline, dedication and focus. All important ingredients in improved sales results.
  8. Show emotions. If you always put your customer first, they will know it. They want to do business with someone who is sincere, and who dares show emotions.
  9. Have fun. The more fun you have, the more fun your customer will have. You must believe in your company, products and yourself.
  10. Practice makes perfect. Sales is a profession and must be treated as one. If all athletes and other professionals practice, why shouldn’t you?

Selling is asking, not telling
…listening, not talking

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