Concentration, Focus and Full Attention

Some brag about having many projects running at the same time but everything ends up with only mites when you don’t offer full attention, focus and concentration to single projects.

You will find that focus is necessary to find the right product, test it properly and also plan how to market it the best way. Concentration is necessary to be consistent in all phases of both your product launch but also your planning of what lists to run and which sub-lists to add buyers to. Also full attention is needed to offer good sales letters that will sell far better.

Some Numbers

I have heard some gurus talk of conversion rates as low as 3-5% on existing lists. Something is definitely wrong with such low numbers. You should have at least 7-9% on any product launch that fits existing buyer profiles…

Wanna know why some fail? They don’t run different lists for different buyer types. A person who bought a Kontera e-book or an e-book about building contacts on Facebook will not necessarily be interested in software for webdesign. But when you have a relevant e-book you can always add an extra announcement for your software to make it interesting if he or she has already read about e-book so-and-so-abot-this-and-that.

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The problem about most announcements is that people offer you one single product. When you have heard about it, you automatically delete it. But when I write you a letter that tells you at the top what I am going to tell you, you won’t press delete automatically as long as one or two out of my three points interest you.

Therefore, full attention, means you offer people some decent content in your sales letters, and you will see that people will likewise be FAR MORE INTERESTED in what you ACTUALLY want to tell them.

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