Following Or Getting Ahead of the Crowd?

When it comes to online marketing competition is sometimes fierce, and oftentimes claims of tripling, quadrupling etc go way beyond believable estimates, some think. Now, the results may very well be TRUE and they may very well be what SOME have experienced, but BIG NUMBERS are not what you should aim for in the beginning.

But, high goals bring high results, don’t they?
Well, yes. But having a goal is a long-term aim to reach for, whereas the steps along the way are little milestones in that same direction. If you always expect a tripling of your sales and you only reach a growth level of 120% you end up being disappointed even though what you ALREADY reached would be very fine results when compared with a normal business in the mainstream world of business.

When you prepare well – like article creation during summer – you have a lot of good content you can release later during the year. Expect that many are on vacation in the months of July and August, and even though you may do a launch or two of an affiliate product during summer vacations, keep ready for the real hunting season before x-mas shopping sets in around november and december.

Realistic numbers and realistic results
If and when you plan based upon what REALLY happens on your Paypal and bank accounts you will be far better of than dreaming about how things COULD be if x, y and z all came together in exactly the same miraculous way as you hope it will… 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. It’s fine to hope for excellent results and if you experience success it is the best thing that can ever happen, but you must adjust your expectations to the real world to become truly successful. Remember to save money for dry months when eight months can easily fund the four less active months.

Remember, Carpe diem 🙂

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