Why You WON’T Hear About Google Nemesis Here…

These days our inboxes are cluttered with information about the recently launched “Google Nemesis” product. Surprisingly, those who have reviews on their sites have almost identical arguments for why you should buy this product.

I Will Do The Contrary

Just as I mentioned in my articles “Following or Getting Ahead of the Crowd?” and “Counting On Error?there is absolutely NO WAY you will EVER get ahead of the crowd if you only walk in other people’s footsteps.

Don’t build your business upon clicktrading principles. Get involved with building decent products and get on with long-range marketing of your products, getting affiliates who see YOUR QUALITY, and you will gain long-term momentum that far exceeds all the fancy massive attacks on your Visa and PayPal accounts that some other campaigns are actually designed to be.

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Remember: Carpe diem.

Snooze, and you loose…”

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